Going slightly mad, pt.94

Nightclubs. Boîtes, as it were, de nuits. Evenings out, a shimmy at the old disco. Or you could just stay in. So here we are in lockdown <enter-variable#>, pining for a night on the tiles with friends, under flashing lights and spinning reflective ball.

So I made thing for my insta, #DiscoInspo if you will. (Argh.)
Enjoy! 🕺💃🏻

Music to be distracted by?

Hi all,

Need some new tunes? Course you do!

We bring you another podcast from the imaginary record shop run by m’self and good pal, Christopher Laird! It’s our usual blend of lost Europop gems, Japanese genre-craziness and some recent American gems, to celebrate the passing of the Donald. As ever, the only algorithms involved are decades of two men hanging around in record shops. Check us out and give us a follow on Mixcloud.com!

Where’s yer bucket-n-spade, eh?

Another in a growing list of ‘remain-indoors’ musical whimsies, I bring you ‘Where’s yer bucket’n’spade, eh?’ – the forbidden taste of now lost holiday-making. Drizzle and ice cream. Stubbing your toe on the gravel beach. Someone’s ghastly uncle flirting. Chips.

Grazie to Pathé News Reel’s YT channel for endless source of how-we-used-to-live goodness.
[Trigger warning: features scenes of Sid James golfing]