Not From Above!
Is out now on Bandcamp!
It’ll be available to buy as 4-track vinyl EP (with digital download of album) in May and then streaming services in June.

Debut album: ‘Not a dry eye in London’:

You can buy ‘Not a dry eye in London’ on BandcampAmazon or iTunes. Or for those with freemium feels, yes, it’s on Spotify.

Upturned single

Here’s the Upturned single and its delightful rethinks and remixes too:

Buy on iTunes

‘Behind the music mix’

You can also hear, courtesy of my radio-avatar deejay, a ‘behind the music’ inspiration show which highlights some of the poptabulous things that went into the making of the album:

Features Charles Aznavour, Schneider TM, Laurie Anderson, Noel Coward, Jack Jones and many more…