AFH’s Springsteen cover: now available on Amazon/iTunes

Posted on August 10, 2009 by alex mayor

51bpugs+QyL._SL500_AA240_Late last year AFH was approached to contribute to an album of Bruce (“Broooce”) Springsteen cover versions by the nice people at the WIAIWYA label. A chancey gambit you might think, as AFH knew next to nothing of the Boss’s back catalogue and had spent little time in checkered shirts or contemplating the ups and downs of life in New Jersey.

However, there’s nothing like a short-ferry ride away from the old music komfort zone so AFH readily agreed and went into deep Brucemmersion. The result is “Empty Sky”, a song chosen for its dark 9/11 subject and forceful simplicity. Piney Gir lends her lovely voice to the choruses. Dedicated to the memory of Suria Clarke. Hope you like it. x

AFH is on Disk 2: Track 16 but there are lots of other treats on this mega expansive 38 track overview!
Amazon: “Empty Sky”
iTunes: Empty Sky

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