New project! New music! 🎶

Operation ‘Alexander’s Festival Hall’ has been on a quiet hiatus the last few months, while an exciting new LP project comes together. The new-new-thing is a single called ‘I am a businessman‘ by Astrid & Alexander – a project with my wonderful singer pal, Astrid.

Our debut release is a torrid tale of power, robbery and the tribulations of the mindbogglingly wealthy. It’s also the first single of a new album that ‘drops’ towards the end of summer. We hope you like it!

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Perhaps you were looking for Norwegian throat-jazz? Podcast ep. 2

Good news stuck-for-what-to-listen-to music fans! As Fri(y)ay afternoon hoves into view, what better way to discover some new music, established and just-hired alike, than by tuning in to episode two of Rather Resplendent Records. Join Christopher and myself as we rifle through another batch of future classics and lost gems:


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Launch party for Not From Above!

Ah what a time we had! Am-dram, top quality tunes on spinning vinyl disks, lots of lovely people. Thanks to the always wonderful Horse Hospital for hosting us, to Travis Elborough for playing some kick-ass tunes, and to everyone who came along.

Photos feature “Pete” (Nick Faber) and “Chris” (Laurie Innes) in our (makes scare quotes) “adaptation” of The Onset of Battle from Not From Above! A kind of immersive theatre satire set in a Russian warzone that looks suspiciously like Hampstead Heath. Photos by Michael Jones.

Pledge today to support the new album + book

There’s a crowdfunding campaign going on… 🙂
The new AFH album comes with a book of stories. You can back the project now on Pledge and you’ll be pre-ordering either the book, the book and album, the vinyl single, and you can even commission a personalised song.

Visit unbound now to watch the promo video and support the project.

Many thanks!
Alexander x

The Hackney Kansas Radio Hour podcast: ep 4 is now live

PodYes indeedy audio-ear-content-fans! We present The Hackney Kansas Radio Hour:
The “Bloody awful! Sorry Barb, but it was atrocious” Edition

Featuring excellent musics from:
Van Dyke Parks
Barbra Streisand
… and many more…

Also including exciting feature items from our artisanal contributors:

Mike Monaghan’s View from the Drum Stool
George Terry’s History of Britpop: feat. Dodgy
Piney Gir’s Drunk Cookery: Three
“Our voyage begins at last” a nearly-sci-fi story from Alexander’s Festival Hall
Katrin Geilhausen the Hackney Kansas Weather Girl

Hackney, Kansas Radio Hour podcast – second episode now online!

Somewhat tardily, mine and Piney Gir’s podcast enters its critical second-episode all-grown-up phase!

The Hackney, Kansas Radio Hour 31.December.2015 by Radionowhere.Org on Mixcloud

Yes, it’s episode 2 of RadioNowhere’s “The Hackney, Kansas Radio Hour” – an eclectic mix of light entertainment from the imaginary borough of London that’s stuck in the middle of the American mid-West. Your hosts Piney Gir and Alex (of Alexander’s Festival Hall) take you on a spin through exotica, pop, lounge and country, intermingled with sport, cookery, and documentary shenanigans. In fact, let’s just file the whole thing under “shenanigans”…

Quand vas tu rentrer – Melody’s Echo Chamber
Prussian Blue – The Lilac Time
Supersonic – Oasis
Jacqueline Taieb – La coeur au bout des doigts
Shades of Winter – Streetplayer
Dreaming – Knower
Donut Taco Palace – Shiny Ribs
Palast Orchester mit Max Raab – Super Trouper
The Love You Save – Jackson 5
Home – Jane Birkin

AFH DJ set at FrightNight At the Proms (Scala) 29th Sept.

Something evil’s lurking in the air… could it be a selection of devilishly-disposed danceable divertissements? I’ll say! AFH will be spinning some genuinely disquieting *hits* from beyond the grave at Fright Night at the Proms this Sept 29th – an all-nighter at the Scala put together by the nice programming genii from MidnightMovies, featuring some great movies (Prom Night 1 and 2?! come on!) and a decidedly dead-teenagers-at-a-prom atmosfear…

Get your tix here!
Fright Night at the Proms (Midnite Movies)

Album finished!

Insert sound of clapping/dancing/falling-over but the debut AFH album, so very long in the brewing to our secret recipe, has now been finished and mastered! Titled “Not a dry eye in London“, and being some 13 delectable tracks in length, the AFH record features twinkling sounds from birds in the trees, to cellos in the basement, synths in the club to sweet words on the breeze.

Update: released by State51/MelodicalTrax in March 2013. Listen here

Playlists from outer space…

[singlepic id=52 w=200 float=left]Well, with only 13 minutes of official training in the art of space suit maintenance and no pockets to stash the space mints… Here are the setlists from Friday night’s Barbarella Night at the Curzon. AFH dj’d with Mr James in a kind of triple tracker tag team that saw the arrayed synths of Giorgio Moroder take on the hairy space hippy freaks!
Most jolly. Thanks to Nadia’s team at the cinema for inviting us to play…

AFH’s SonicSpatialness Mix:
Barbarella – Geoff Love Orchestra
Holiday on Ice – Le Knight Club
Running in the City – Space
Baby Blue – Giorgio Moroder
Space Invaders – Playback
Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind – Ronnie Aldrich
Clouds across the Moon – The Rah Band
Intergalactic – Beastie Boys
Galaxy of Love – Crown Heights Affair
Money (8 Bit Dark Side of the Moon) – Pink Floyd
Drunk Girls (Holy Ghost! Remix) – LCD Soundsystem
Rocket – Goldfrapp
Spacer – Sheila B and Devotion
Holiday on Ice – Le Knight Club
Like an Eagle – Dennis Parker
Chicago – Roy Ayers
2001 – Deodato

James’s Hot Psyche’n 60s-70s Phreaklist
Since You Asked – Singers Unlimited
Me And Mrs Jones – Billy Paul
I Am And So Are You – Affinity
Camel Back – A.B.Skhy
You keep me Hangin’ on – Vanilla Fudge
Super Stupid – Funkadelic
Black Magic Woman – Fleetwood Mac
The Battle Of The Locusts – Aphrodite’s Child
One-Armed Bandit – Jaga Jazzist
A Man and A Woman – A Man and A Woman OST
Butterflies Are Free – The Free Design
Beautiful Scarlet – Capability Brown
Fire – Arthur Brown
Are You Man Enough – The Four Tops
It’s About Time – HP Lovecraft
Cronus (Saturn) – Chase
Barracuda – Heart
She’ not there – Zombies
You’re The Song I’ve Always Wanted To Sing – Timmy Thomas
You Must Be Joking – Locomotive

(thanks to MegaEye for the image!)

AFH spinning intergalactical tunes at next Curzon Midnite Movies

[singlepic id=48 w=200 float=left] A week’s notice to my space-headz 😉 But self aka AFH will be spinning some intergalactically spacey tunes next Friday at the Curzon’s Barbarella Midnight Cinema in Soho! Grab a ticket, don your pervotronique outfit and see you there… I can promise an otherworldly set of chansons indeed… xx

Date: 30th April 2010
Grab a ticket here: here
barb_flyerClick here for groovy poster!

Escaping the labyrinth!

Well, what a well dressed peacocking and friendly bunch were the assembled throng at the Curzon Midnight Movie showing of Labyrinth last night… Afh judged the mood as requiring a blend of scritti politti, Ryan Paris, human league and by the end the 14th consecutive 80s revival was definitely in full swing 😉 thanks to Nadia and all you pretty things… X

Get lost in the Labyrinth! AFH DJ-set vs Curzon Soho!

[singlepic id=45 w=320 h=240 float=left]Aloha team, time to put on your mask, fluff your mullet (!?) and get yourselves tickets to the midnight Masquerade at the Curzon Soho! AFH will be playing a DJ set of classical-madness-and-80s-Bowie-baiting hitz to follow the screeny goodness. Friday 27th November is the date. Click the image for more details! Or go here to find out more and book tickets…

AFH’s Springsteen cover: now available on Amazon/iTunes

51bpugs+QyL._SL500_AA240_Late last year AFH was approached to contribute to an album of Bruce (“Broooce”) Springsteen cover versions by the nice people at the WIAIWYA label. A chancey gambit you might think, as AFH knew next to nothing of the Boss’s back catalogue and had spent little time in checkered shirts or contemplating the ups and downs of life in New Jersey.

However, there’s nothing like a short-ferry ride away from the old music komfort zone so AFH readily agreed and went into deep Brucemmersion. The result is “Empty Sky”, a song chosen for its dark 9/11 subject and forceful simplicity. Piney Gir lends her lovely voice to the choruses. Dedicated to the memory of Suria Clarke. Hope you like it. x

AFH is on Disk 2: Track 16 but there are lots of other treats on this mega expansive 38 track overview!
Amazon: “Empty Sky”
iTunes: Empty Sky

Badge me up…

[singlepic id=25 w=320 h=240 float=left] Ahem. You’re not really a band without badges. Not sure why. Gentle intimation that your fanbase is so poor it needs them as a replacement for buttons? Wordless cultic self-identification stratagem? Whatever, AFH has made some. Available in person at shows this autumn and winter… x

AFH stamps it up

[singlepic id=23 w=320 h=240 float=right] okay this is just daft… but I got a stamp made. For the making of VP3s (of which more, later)… So yes a stamp, from Blade Rubber Stamps which on account of being opposite the British Museum, feels like a proper place for a gentleman to place an order. I feel like I’ve started my own civil service department. If anyone would like a law enacting or a document stamping I’m your man…