Konzert news! AFH to play Introducing, Berlin, and DJ slot at Melt! 2k10

News in of next show! AFH is extremely excited to be playing at INTRO-DUCING, the pre-party, warm-up for Melt! Festival 2010 just south of the city.

Show is at Thursday’s Child/Magnet [map].
UPDATE: AFH is also DJing at Melt! Festival, Saturday Night, 00.00 hours / mit Severin Most und Thomas Venker.
Vielen dank, mes amis. We can’t wait! x

Show was a blast – thanks to all who came along. Here’s a shot from row C 😉

AFH refits “Cinema Verité” for remix album

Ah the remix, … all hand-claps in a canyon and extendo-c-c-c-choruses. Two minutes of slowly building stab chords and a voice going “Uh-huh… Uh-huh, yeah!”… Well, AFH likes a nice refit-remix – where you take the song on a trip to DisneyLand kind of against its will but in a good way 😉 It’s even better when the band who asks you to do it is really musically interesting and open to a little adventure…

Cinema Verité, (“like the Beach Boys in a colder climate”) are a dreamy post-rocking duo from Canada, whose debut “Sunrise, sunset” is out on LGM this summer. They’re also releasing a separate remix album on Lebanon, Mass. Records and asked AFH to contribute a reimagining of their “Perfect Day”… Excerpt of the mix to follow! x