New album preview: Upturned

[singlepic id=47 w=320 h=240 float=left]New song preview friends!
Check out “Upturned” in the soundcloud player, right. (or go here)
There was a point, marked clearly in one of my notebooks early on, where this song was going to be called “cover her upturned face in burning kisses – part III” … but saner and wiser heads prevailed. The story is still a story though – kind of a fairytale… inspired part by Murakami and part by Wodehouse.

It’s that time of year..!

[singlepic id=46 w=179 h=178 float=left]Yes, insert uptempo comment about snow, crampons, yuletidings and the whole sherry mid-afternoon in front of Roger Moore thing. Whilst the egg nog simmers on the stove, here’s a revisit from the AFH tune bunker… Click on “Silent Nites” on the new player, right… Kind of inspired by Kay Starr and the possibility of a Christmas gone awry…
Happy holidaze! AFH x

AFH video: “Like 79”

Back indeed when girls when taller and cooler… AFH’s reverie, half imagined, half designed, about the clash of disco and apres-disco… a boy in a bar, a bar full of people and well, a video cartooned into existence by the ever so talented Mr Tim Benton… Now watch on…

Announcing VP3! VinylP3 virtual actual downloadable holdable disks!

So before the album comes out I thought it would be kind of cool to make a record, but not one, crucially, that absolutely no-one could actually play. I have a record player but it sits rather unhappy looking in the corner, its direct drive downcast, its needle needled, whilst the music hums out of a laptop next door… What to do then? Given that vinyl is such a nice format? Well AFH decided to DIY it and make a new music format: VP3.

[singlepic id=22 w=320 h=240 float=left]

As you can see, they’re ahem, handmade and there *highly collectable* and in some cases the B-side is still playable (assuming you don’t mind spraypaint on the initial synth stabs in “I feel for you…”)
AFH songs available for download from the vinyl are “Like 79” and “Becoming the Reason”, (grab a preview here!) whilst on the B’ you’ll find the likes of the J Geils Band, Wham!, Sarah Brightman and Van McCoy. Quite the lucky bag! For sale at aFH shows this autumn and winter…

New AFH song: “I’m gonna get married”

married_sleeveHere’s a new AFH song, which will be on the debut album. It’s rather nuptial. I wrote it at New Year’s in Berlin, sitting looking out on a snowscape from a 4th floor window. Strangely the mood is less minimal techno and more cowboy lament, not quite sure how that happened…


AFH video: “NightSong” by Piney Gir

Here’s a video, (well animated instructional thought-stream?) I made for my remix of Piney Gir’s Nightsong. The original is a lovely jazzy duet between Piney and Simple Kid. I thought it would sound cool as meltingly acidic smooth jazztronic f**k-up. The video is just because. Just because these days we all watch music rather than just listen to it, right? 😉

“Night song” Piney Gir
(AFH’s San Fran Disko Mix)