AFH live on BalconyTV: video now up!

Hey team, here in all its raintastic and chilly glory is our acoustic rendering of “I’m gonna get married” live on BalconyTV. Simon from Vatican Cellars helping out on guitar, Will Byers from BeeStings on Cello and Clare Younis providing the vocal heartbreak. (PS If you look very carefully you’ll see us being pelted with confetti amid the raindrops… x)

Playing six strings for Miss Piney Gir

Nice little performance of some Piney Gir tracks from the Yearling album which AFH produced and played on, here acoustified in the Ol’ Blue Last in darkest Shoreditch…

Watch “Miss Havisham”…

AFH video: “Like 79”

Back indeed when girls when taller and cooler… AFH’s reverie, half imagined, half designed, about the clash of disco and apres-disco… a boy in a bar, a bar full of people and well, a video cartooned into existence by the ever so talented Mr Tim Benton… Now watch on…

AFH video: “NightSong” by Piney Gir

Here’s a video, (well animated instructional thought-stream?) I made for my remix of Piney Gir’s Nightsong. The original is a lovely jazzy duet between Piney and Simple Kid. I thought it would sound cool as meltingly acidic smooth jazztronic f**k-up. The video is just because. Just because these days we all watch music rather than just listen to it, right? 😉

“Night song” Piney Gir
(AFH’s San Fran Disko Mix)