New story… ‘Home time’ and still time to pledge!

Just look at their faces. They know it’s all over. The clammy realisation as tiny misadventures unfold. An afternoon beset by gentle horror and micro-reversals of fortune. Just what is it about ‘Home time’?

Find out in this audio-excerpt from my new book (and album) ‘Not from above’. Beautifully read by London comedian Alison Dennison, the story is taken from the book. Pledge today to pre-order your copy, vinyl single, and digital album.

Alex x

Pledge today to support the new album + book

There’s a crowdfunding campaign going on… 🙂
The new AFH album comes with a book of stories. You can back the project now on Pledge and you’ll be pre-ordering either the book, the book and album, the vinyl single, and you can even commission a personalised song.

Visit unbound now to watch the promo video and support the project.

Many thanks!
Alexander x

In which a box of book proofs arrives…

Now this is a tad exciting… (indulge me). Just had a box of proofs arrive with a resounding thud. For yes, the new AFH record is also a book. A collection of mad monologues, passive aggressive board game instructions, and dictator’s memoirs.

Not from above – a literary-musical adventure if you like – will be out in the new year. Hopefully with a lovely cover once I’ve got round to figuring out quite what should be on it…